These spells, charms, curses, hexes, and jinxes are sorted in alphabetical order.
# indicates that the spell, charm, etc, was introduced in that particular book number.
* indicates the three Unforgivable Curses (plus bold text, additionally).

Spell # Description
Accio 4 summoning charm; summons spoken object; reverse of Depulso
Aguamenti 6 conjures water
Alohomora 1 unlocking spell; reverse of Colloportus
Anapneo 6 clears blocked airway
Aparecium 2 makes invisible ink visible
Apparation 6 allows caster to disappear and reappear elsewhere
Avada Kedavra* 4 killing curse*
Avis 4 conjures birds
Cave Inimicum 7 keeps enemies away
Colloportus 5 sealing spell; reverse of Alohomora
Confringo 7 causes target to explode
Confundo 3 causes confusion
Cruciatus Curse (Crucio)* 4 inflicts torture/severe pain*
Defodio 7 digs through object, clears a passage
Deletrius 4 erases ghost images of previously used spells, created by Priori Incantato
Densaugeo 4 causes teeth to grow rapidly
Deprimo 7 blasts a hole through an object
Depulso 4 banishing charm; sends object away from caster; reverse of Accio
Descendo 7 causes object to lower itself
Diffindo 4 cuts open, splits, or severs object
Dissendium 3 opens entrance to secret passage to Hogsmeade (Witch’s Hump)
Duro 7 turns objects to stone
Engorgio 4 causes object to increase in size; reverse of Reducio
Episky 6 heals damage inflicted upon target
Erecto 7 straightens out and sets up object
Evanesco 2 causes object to vanish completely, not merely become invisible
Expecto Patronum 3 Patronus charm; guards from Dementors
Expelliarmus 2 disarms; wand will fly away from target
Expulso 7 blows up the target
Ferula 3 conjures a wooden rod for possible use in a splint
Finite 5 stops one current spell
Finite Incantatem 2 stops all current spells
Flagrate 5 marks objects with fiery lines
Furnunculus 4 causes boils to break out on victims
Geminio 7 duplicates target object
Glisseo 7 turns target object into a smooth slide
Homenum Revelio 7 reveals human presence in target area
Impedimenta 4 stops an object or slows it down
Imperius Curse (Imperio)* 4 control another person completely*
Impervious 3 makes object repel water
Inanimatus Conjurus 5 conjures inanimate objects
Incarcerous 5 conjures thick ropes to wrap around target
Incendio 4 starts a fire
Lacarum Inflamarae 1 creates blue flames
Langlock 6 glues target’s tongue to roof of mouth
Legilimens 5 reads other’s minds
Levicorpus 6 dangles target upside-down by the ankle
Liberacorpus 6 counter-jinx to Levicorpus
Locomotor 5 moves the spoken target object
Locomotor Mortis 1 leg-locking curse; makes victim unable to walk
Lumos 1 emits a ray of light from wand; reverse of Nox
Meteolojinx Recanto 7 stops a spell that is causing rain/weather
Mobiliarbus 3 moves trees
Mobilicorpus 3 moves bodies
Morsmordre 4 conjures the Dark Mark
Muffliato 6 muffles sounds; fills target’s ears with buzzing
Nox 3 extinguish light from wand; reverse of Lumos
Obliviate 2 modifies or erases memories from victim
Obscuro 5 blocks the vision of target
Oppugno 6 causes conjured creatures to attack targets
Orchideous 4 conjures flowers
Petrificus Totalus 1 puts target into a full body bind
Piertotum Locomotor 7 used to animate statues and armor
Point Me 4 makes wand a compass (Four-Point Spell)
Portus 5 turns object into a Portkey
Priori Incantato 4 reveals ghost image wand’s last spell used; Deletrius is used to clear this image
Protego 7 shield charm to deflect hexes and small curses
Protego Horribilius 7 variation of Protego, presumably used against greater curses
Protego Totalus 7 variation of Protego, presumably used to protect groups of people, and also lasts longer
Quietus 4 lower magnified voice; reverse of Soronus
Reducio 4 shrinks an object to its usual size; reverse of Engorgio
Reducto 4 blasts apart solid objects
Relashio 4 releases fiery sparks (or boiling water)
Rennervate 4 revives stunned target; reverse of Stupefy
Reparo 2 repairs or undoes damage to an object
Repello 7 repels object away from caster or people away from object (see Muggletum)
Repello Muggletum 7 keeps Muggles away from target object or place
Rictusempra 2 tickling charm
Riddickulus 3 ultimately banishes boggarts
Salvio Hexia 7 strengthens or augments other spells cast
Scourgify 4 cleans objects
Sectumsempra 6 cuts the target
Serpensortia 2 conjures snakes (serpents)
Silencio 5 silences the target
Specialis Revelio 6 identify ingredients of target potion or enchantments on target object
Sonorus 4 spell to magnify one’s voice; reverse of Quietus
Stupefy 4 stunning spell; reverse of Rennervate
Tarantallegra 2 causes victim’s legs to do a crazy dance
Tergeo 6 cleans up target object or person
Waddiwasi 3 used to shoot gum out of a keyhole and up Peeves’ nose
Wingardium Leviosa 1 levitation charm