About FictionRow

Welcome to FictionRow.com! FictionRow is a news and reviews website for fantasy novels and their adaptations.

You may notice more posts about Harry Potter products than for any other series, and that is because my love of fantasy was born from my love for that series, and I have had a website related to Harry Potter in some respect since 2002.

The name for FictionRow was born from a couple ideas: I attended a rather small high school, and the library was likewise very small. There was only one row for fiction novels. The “fiction row” was without a doubt my favorite row in that library. Additionally, FIC ROW was the label found on my favorite books in that row: the fiction (FIC) books by J.K. Rowling (ROW) called “Harry Potter”. In the end, I think the name pays homage to my Harry Potter roots but also allows for expansion into other fictional (mostly fantasy) fandoms.

For now, I (Andrew Hanson, FictionRow’s founder) am the only author. My writing style, especially for review articles (not as much for news), tends to be very detailed and analytical. You won’t find any “GIF reactions” to movies, video games or TV shows here. Instead, you’ll find words, sentences and paragraphs of pure geekery.

FictionRow.com actively provides news and reviews for the following fandoms currently:

  • Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts (books, movies, video games, theme parks, fan music, fan films, websites, especially Pottermore.com)
  • The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings (movies, video games, fan music, fan films, websites)
  • GeekyCon and LeakyCon (I currently work as their main stage volunteer coordinator)
  • Game of Thrones (TV show, video game)
  • Hunger Games (books, movies)
  • Chronicles of Narnia (movies)
  • John Green (books, movies)
  • Jurassic Park/World (movies)
  • Downton Abbey (TV show)
  • Cyan Worlds (video games)
  • Cormoran Strike (books)
  • Star Wars (movies)

If you would like to write about any of these fandoms (or suggest another), submit an author application.

For more about my website history before 2007, read my “Before FictionRow” page.