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Andrew Hanson, Founder

hankgreenHi! I’m Andrew Hanson. Welcome to my fandom blog.

If you want more information about FictionRow and its history, please visit the About FictionRow page. This page, however, is more or less about me.

I have been frequenting Harry Potter “fansites” since junior high school, and I have had my own in some capacity since before the fifth book was released, which was in 2003. Several years later, after my earlier websites evolved into FictionRow, I attended my first Harry Potter convention: LeakyCon 2011 in Orlando. I went thinking that I could promote my website, but little did I know that I would have the week of my life that week, and that I would meet some pretty awesome people, who have become the closest friends that I have today, despite that they live across the county.

It was while I was in Orlando that I wrote my most popular article to date: Pottermore: An Inside Scoop.

In 2012, I was so blessed to start working for such an awesome organization: that year in Chicago, I became the main stage coordinator for LeakyCon. I kept that position and added Charity Row Liaison to my resume in 2013 in Portland, but in 2014 in Orlando, I went back to doing what I love most: coordinating the volunteers at the main stage. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at GeekyCon for many years to come! And yes, I do realize that I look like Hank Green.