Mockingjay, Part 2 News Roundup (Trailers, Pictures and More)

This fall’s most anticipated movie is obvious: Mockingjay, Part 2. The movie producers certainly have a way of hyping fans up before the release. As with the previous film, there have been staged social media “hacks”.

I think it’s really clever when this “life imitating art” strategy is used to promote movies. The same strategy was used to promote the Jurassic World movie earlier this year, as a website was built not around the movie, but around the park. (A separate website was built for the movie.) People obviously do know better—the Jurassic World park doesn’t actually exist—but people go to movies to suspend reality for an evening, so why not suspend reality for longer than that, weeks or even months before the movie release? People allow themselves to “make believe” that the Jurassic World park actually exists for that long, just as people allow themselves to “make believe” that Beetee is hacking into the Capitol.

On June 1st, the official Twitter account for the Capitol was hacked by the rebellion (Beetee):

The rebellion also gained control of the official website for The Capitol:

After several more tweets, the rebellion posted this image of President Snow’s statue in ruins. This statue—in its complete form—was used to promote the previous movie, Mockingjay, Part 1.

If you follow the link to TheCapitol.PN website, it will appear for a moment as it did when it was promoting the previous Mockingjay movie, but after a few “hacker flashes”, you’ll see Katniss sitting in the chair where President Snow was previously sitting, flanked by Peeta and Johanna. From there, you can link to Revolution.PN.

There isn’t much on that website—YET—except for a caped Katniss standing upon the iconic three-finger salute in the background and a link to this really powerful choreographed video in the foreground:

On June 5thMockingjay producer Nina Jacobson tweeted a picture from the epilogue. Vague? Yes. Exciting? Definitely. 

On June 9th, the teaser trailer was released. So many incredible scenes in the trailer: the wedding, Gwendoline Christie, rebels marching, Gwendoline Christie, Katniss hugging Peeta, Gwendoline Christie, explosions… Can you tell I’m excited to see Gwendoline Christie in this movie? Seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman is also incredibly bittersweet.

On July 6th, we were graced with these awesome rebel character posters:

On July 23rd, just one week before GeekyCon 2015, the full trailer was released:

[President Snow voiceover:] I’ve been watching you, and you were watching me. My dear Miss Everdeen, make no mistake: the Game is coming to its end.

Yes, Snow. The end is nigh. However, as Finnick so rightly pointed out, the “76th Hunger Games” are about to begin.

Will you be there to see the epic conclusion? Mockingjay, Part 2 hits theaters on November 20th.