There’s a Geeky for Everyone at GeekyCon

The word geek is a slang term originally used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream people; in current use, the word typically connotes an expert or enthusiast or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit. (Geek – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Geek was once a term that was meant to be used pejoratively (disapprovingly). Now, however, we geeks have taken ownership of this word, even starting a convention with the name “Geeky”. We have taken our obsessions of fandoms to entirely new levels, and we have a place (I’m talking about GeekyCon) where we can share our geeky obsessions with others—with friends or future friends (because making friends with other geeks is inevitable).

But, just as everyone in this world is unique, we also have just as many different “flavors” of geekery. Thankfully, GeekyCon provides something for everyone, which they proved through two announcements this week. Firstly, this awesome video was released, starring Curt Mega, Titus Makin, Jr., Dominic Barnes and Tessa Netting (and directed by Joe Moses):

Don’t get me wrong—the song is really cool and everyone behind the video is supremely talented—but it’s just not “my kind” of music, you know? Honestly, I’m the “kind” (or flavor?) of geek that primarily listens to video game soundtracks and film scores far more than anything else. The top 55 most-listened-to songs in my iTunes library? Video game music.

However, it’s really exciting to note that this video was also featured on Mashable this week, so hopefully that will draw some new attendees to the convention, because honestly, the more geeks, the merrier (or more flavorful?) our community is.

Introducing GeekyU!

But then GeekyU was announced, and I GOT ALL KINDS OF EXCITED. Read the press release, then come back here.

GeekyU is a new series of courses, free to every single GeekyCon attendee, and organized by the uber-geeks at our sister site, GeekyNews. Starting at the standard 100 level — What’s anime? Why Sherlock? — and expanding into more sophisticated topics, this is a track that will get you caught up and ready to roll, or inspire even greater thoughts and feels on your favorites.

GeekyCon already has an awesome Lit track, perfect for the reader-geeks, but that also costs extra. GeekyU doesn’t. It’s free to all attendees who want to immerse themselves into a new fandom for the first time. Despite the fact that I’m going to be at the main stage for 99% of the weekend, I’m going to see if I can’t make it to at least one of the courses, because THIS IS THE TYPE OF PROGRAMMING THAT REALLY EXCITES ME. I mean, it’s like going to school (which I love), BUT ONLY GOING TO CLASSES TO LEARN ABOUT GEEKY THINGS. Honestly, it’s like going to Hogwarts, but more.

At first, I misread the press release, and I thought that these classes would be released online, in a way that was similar to the “Hogwarts Is Here” website. I was even more excited with this misinformation, because it meant that I could TAKE ALL THE CLASSES offered. But, sadly, no. Oh well. I’m probably too advanced for many of the 101 courses anyway.

So there’s the proof: GeekyCon is a place for ALL the geeks… The geeks who love geeky music (wizard rock, anyone?), the geeks who like to take geeky classes (GeekyU!), the geeks who love geeky skits (StarKid and JMOMS!), etc. You name it, GeekyCon probably has it. So what are you waiting for? Get your ticket to GeekyCon today!

So what flavor of geek are you? Comment below!