New Jurassic World Posters & Trailer Today

Happy birthday to me! Today, I was given one of the greatest presents in recent memory: a new trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World movie! Leading up to the release of this trailer, three new (awesome!) posters were also released:

But as awesome as these posters are, this trailer man… This trailer takes the cake. Birthday cake, if you will.

In this trailer, we do see some moments that we’ve already seen in previous trailers and TV spots, but there’s also so much that we have not seen before. Here are some of the moments that I’ve chosen to highlight:

  • Chris Pratt’s character, Owen Grady, training the raptors. We’ve seen him with raptors before, yes, but not this particular training footage. I honestly don’t know how he does it. They look pretty eager to eat him.
  • We can hear Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Claire Dearing, providing the voiceover: “Every time we’ve unveiled a new attraction, attendance has spiked. Corporate felt genetic modification would up the wow factor.” To which Owen responds, “They’re dinosaurs; wow enough.” At least now we get a better sense as to why they created Indominus Rex in the first place, despite that Owen rightly states, “Probably not a good idea.”
  • B. D. Wong is back! AHHHH! He states, “She was designed to be bigger than the T-Rex.” Anyone else getting some red flags here? Like, you know, disaster waiting to happen?
  • Again, let’s be reminded that Indominus Rex ate her sibling and is killing for sport. We heard that in the last TV spot.
  • Claire racing somewhere in a nice car while stating on her cellular device, “We have an asset out of containment.” Perhaps, do you think that Claire’s character shouldn’t be running a zoo? She doesn’t have the respect for the animals the way that Owen does. She refers to them as “assets”. Owen, however, refers to the dinosaurs as living things that need to eat, hunt, and you know, do other things.
  • INDOMINUS REX RIPPED OUT ITS TRACKING DEVICE? Well, that’s going to make it much harder to find. Oh wait, just following the screams, blood and utter destruction. OH WAIT. SHE’S RIGHT ABOVE YOU.
  • The two boys in the gyroscope look just a little bit frightened, don’t you think?
  • Security officer voiceover: “You’ve got 20,000 people. You’ve got no more boats. You don’t have enough guns.” Hmm. I feel like this is a situation of Titanic proportions. Except for the guns part.
  • Way to step up Owen. “If we do this, we do this my way.”
  • And then we cut to a helicopter falling out of the sky onto a… Is that a glass dome? I’m sorry, no one thought that a glass dome would be a bad idea? I mean, yeah, it’s pretty, but you’re dealing with dinosaurs here. You don’t think that they’re going to break through that somehow? How haven’t they already?
  • Well, the helicopter lets the pteranodons out, obviously, and they start snatching up park attendees. Because no one thinks to take cover and instead everyone runs every which way in a panic, making themselves easy prey.
  • Some unknown states, “Something’s wrong. They’re communicating.” Um, what have we learned from literally every velociraptor from every Jurassic Park movie ever? Dinosaurs communicate. It’s a thing they do.
  • Claire: “We’re talking about an animal here.” Owen: “A highly intelligent animal.” Once again, Owen with the respect that the animals deserve, and Claire with the “they are nothing more than our creations” mentality.
  • Whoa. Mosasaurus snatching up a pteranodon? Too bad no one was around to watch that.

I feel like my highlights were somehow longer than the trailer itself. Sorry not sorry. But seriously, June 12, COME NOW.

Did you have any thoughts about the trailer? Share them in the comments below!