A World of Jurassic Updates: Trailers, Websites and More

Jurassic World is open.

The movie producers have gone to great lengths to make us imagine that Jurassic World is real, that it really exists, that you could buy a ticket and go there right now. How? Through a very cleverly designed website. If you visit JurassicWorld.com, you won’t get details about the upcoming movie. Instead, it’s a website designed around the actual park.

On the left, you have the temperature (81 degrees) on Isla Nublar. The temperature. You can’t get much more “let’s make people imagine that this is real” than that. But then there’s also a chart with the park capacity (currently 89%), a “what’s happening next” box (Mosasaurus feeding at 9p.m.), line wait times (the Gyrosphere is currently 28 minutes), etc.

On the right, you have even more expansive features:

  • Park Map: Obviously, this is a map of the park and all its many attractions.
  • Tickets: This includes the standard package, the family package and others, but if you actually click through far enough to order a package, you actually get redirected to a Fandango page to order movie tickets online.
  • Our Founder: This is a page all about Jurassic Park’s founder John Hammond, who sadly won’t be in the new Jurassic World film, because the actor from the first movie, Richard Attenborough, passed away last August.
  • Dinosaurs: Obviously, this is a catalog of all the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar—including the genetically engineered dinosaur that the new movie features: Indominus Rex.
  • Plan Your Visit: This features everything else on Isla Nublar, other than the dinosaurs that is, such as the Hilton (somehow having a hotel on an island with dinosaurs seems like a bad idea), the Margaritaville, and more.
  • The Movie: This simply redirects you to JurassicWorldMovie.com.

Currently, the first thing that displays when you visit this website is this awesome Superbowl spot:

Let’s continue with the Jurassic World (park, not movie) website features:

  • Safety First: This gives us helpful safety tips: “Ouch! 10,000 volts really hurts! Do not touch the fences marked electrified.” or “When feeding a baby dinosaur, hold your hand flat and don’t tease. Even herbivores can bite!”
  • Park Cam: Probably the coolest feature of this website is the park cam. It shows footage from several security cameras around the pack. In actually, each cam is a looping video, but it sure looks like the real thing!
  • News Feed: This redirects to the home page, then scrolls down to show the latest news of the park. The hottest topic right now? “Bigger. Louder. More Teeth. Indominus Rex Arrives This Summer.”
  • Creation Lab: This page details the process of creating the dinosaurs (including throwback images to the cartoon character Mr. DNA Sequence from the first movie)!
  • RaptorPass: Sign up for exclusive content from the movie!
  • Masrani: This redirects you to MasraniGlobal.com, which is apparently the new parent company of Jurassic World. Masrani Global supposedly bought out InGen, after twice failing to produce an operable park. Additionally, there’s an about page and a media page on this website that particularly are Jurassic-related and worth visiting.
  • Store: This features a variety of Jurassic Park and World t-shirts that you can actually buy!

Indominus Rex is Killing For Sport

Last week (last Sunday, March 29th), a new TV spot was released for Jurassic World, where it is revealed that there were actually previously two Indominus Rexes, but the remaining I. Rex killed its sibling and ate it for sport.

What do you think? Is the website a clever idea? Are you excited for June 12th? Share in the comments!