#OneLastTime: The Final Trailer for The Final Middle-Earth Movie

In 3 days, 19 hours and some odd minutes, I will be journeying to Middle-Earth #OneLastTime.

I don’t know about you, but this whole #OneLastTime hashtag business is a pretty genius marketing scheme for The Hobbit. They aren’t going to let us forget that this is the last Middle-Earth movie, and they’re not going to let us forget how far we’ve come to get here. Like the music video for The Last Goodbye, this trailer shows clips not just from the upcoming movie, but several clips from the previous two, all the while displaying the #OneLastTime hashtag on the bottom of the screen throughout the entire trailer.

What gets me the most and pulls at my heartstrings the hardest is the music in the background of this video. Piano. Quiet piano. Echoey piano. As a pianist myself, I appreciate piano music so much. (Ludovico Einaudi is a hero of mine, but that’s beside the point.) Then the piano is joined by quiet strings. Simple. Pure. Evocative.

Then, halfway through: full orchestra, but still subdued. “THIS YEAR” appears on the screen. The orchestra builds, joined by a choir. “PREPARE FOR” follows, along with new clips from the new movie. “THE DEFINING MOMENT”. More clips from the epic battle to come. “OF THE MIDDLE-EARTH LEGEND.” More and more and more.

Bilbo puts on the ring. Orchestra and choir both swell to a climax. Black.

And again, quiet piano and strings, with the older Bilbo again sitting in his chair. Ian Holm again returns with the voiceover. This trailer ends so beautifully, just as it began so wonderfully.

But why am I describing it to you? Watch it for yourself below!

Are you, like me, excited to journey to Middle-Earth #OneLastTime? Share in the comments!