Game of Thrones Season Five: Receive the Power of The Sight

When it comes to Thrones, I arrived late to the Game. While many of my friends have been watching the series since 2011, or even reading the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin since 1996, I only started watching and reading this year. I received the first season on DVD for Christmas last year, as well as a gift card for the cost of the five books on my Kindle. It wasn’t a surprise—I had requested those two things when I was asked what I wanted for Christmas. I’m a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, and knowing that George R. R. Martin was at least in some part inspired by Tolkien to write his series (and Sean Bean starred in the first season), I couldn’t wait to dive into this new (to me) series.

I’ve started but am not that far into the first book—there were other books already on my to-read list that I’ve wanted to finish first before I devote all my reading time to ASoIaF. However, I did watch the first three seasons on DVD in time to see the fourth live. It’s my goal to finish the first two books before season five premieres. We’ll see if that happens!

Speaking of season five, a website was released a couple weeks ago called “The Raven Brings The Sight” at It’s a creative and pertinent name, considering that the three-eyed raven in Bran’s dreams gives him psychic powers, and since the purpose of this website is to give fans an opportunity to receive updates about the upcoming season five either through Twitter or SMS. Considering his prophetic abilities, I wonder if Bran knows that his storyline won’t be featured in season five. Probably.

Since I already follow @GameOfThrones on Twitter, I chose the SMS option and was then greeted with this very teaser-y teaser trailer—it’s a measly ten seconds long, but according to those who have read the books, apparently a lot is shown in those ten seconds! Watch below:

Also worth watching is the lineup of new actors to come to the series. This video was shown to fans at San Diego Comic Con back in July.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited for the upcoming season. Since I’m not that far in the books and I avoid spoilers like the plague, I have no idea what to expect from season five. That being said, however, I can’t wait for the day to come that I’ve read enough of the books that I know what will happen in the TV show. My next goal is to read through book five before season six!

Feel free to share any spoiler-free comments about Game of Thrones below!