Preview: Mockingjay, 2nd Teaser Trailer

Whomever is behind the Mockingjay publicity campaign deserves a raise. The two Mockingjay teaser trailers that have been released thus far have been absolutely perfect. You’ve likely heard of “life imitating art”. Well, this is “art imitating life”. Both trailers are presented as though they are real addresses by President Snow to Panem. This second trailer also includes Johanna Mason (the first included only Snow and Peeta), and she does not look happy to be there. Whereas Peeta looks totally and completely lost, you can see the fire behind Johanna’s eyes. Well, see for yourselves:

Notice how Beetee hacked into the system at the end there? That’s exactly how it happened in the book. Actually, after the trailer landed on YouTube (this trailer is about two weeks old now—sorry about the delay!), I heard (but didn’t see for myself) that District 13 hacked into The Capitol’s official Twitter account and tweeted an encrypted message that translated to, I think, “The Mockingjay Lives”. You heard correctly: The Capitol has an official Twitter account. The Capitol actually also has an official website, where President Snow’s addresses are listed as “mandatory viewing”.

Despite these awesome teaser trailers, I’m excited to see more Katniss! What about you? What are you looking forward to seeing from Mockingjay, Part 1 movie? Share your thoughts in the comments!