Jurassic World: Some Thoughts and Photos

It’s been 13 years since the last Jurassic Park movie. THIRTEEN YEARS. Honestly, this franchise reboot has been loooong overdue. If you haven’t read my Jurassic Park: Nublar vs. Sorna article, I would suggest reading that first before going any further. I’ll be referencing things that I wrote there as I continue with this article. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Welcome back! When the name “Jurassic World” was announced, I had mixed feelings: between excitement for one possibility and disappointment for another. The two possibilities that I formulated in my mind were: either Jurassic World is, like Disney World, a return to the theme park/zoo/Site A/Isla Nublar location and away from the Site B/Isla Sorna location, or Jurassic World means that dinosaurs have escaped from both islands and have started taking over the world, which is truly a very disappointing plot concept, despite the popularity of apocalypse movies.

Thankfully, I later heard a rumor that the fourth movie in the Jurassic Park franchise would be returning to Isla Nublar, so my first guess was substantiated and I became all the more excited for this movie.

Then, there were pictures. Take a gander at these beauties!

However, the basic plot for the movie was leaked, and I became overwhelmingly disappointed again. Yes, Jurassic World is returning to a theme park, but it’s not necessarily going to be located on Isla Nublar. Here’s a quote from io9.com:

According to JoBlo, Jurassic Park is back in business, but business appears to be flagging. So someone has the fantastic idea to start mixing dinosaur DNA together to create new dinosaurs. Somehow, they end up with a tyrannosaurus rex, a velociraptor, a snake and a cuttlefish — because of its camouflage abilities — that inadvertently creates a perfect killing machine that of course gets loose and starts eating people. It’s basically like evil dinosaur Predator.

How to stop a monster that was obviously going to murder everything it saw from day one? Good dinosaurs, trained by Chris Pratt’s character, including a regular T. Rex and velociraptor.

So sad. So ridiculous. I understand that stories (movies) need to have conflict to be entertaining. It’s not possible to have plot without conflict. However, this concept seems to fly directly in the face of what the first movie seemed to make so clear: dinosaurs are not evil killing machines. Dinosaurs, like every other creature on this planet, simply hunt for food to survive. Actually, there is one creature on this planet that hunts for pleasure: humans.

And maybe that’s the point that this movie is trying to make? The “evil” genetically-engineered dino-monster isn’t a real creature. It isn’t natural. At least these other “regular” dinosaurs once existed on this planet (though the carnivorous dinos in this movie sound “tamer” than their extinct counterparts—I wonder if they’ve been engineered to be tamer or if, like lions in a zoo, they’ve become tamer over years and years of being fed and not being allowed to hunt?)

Humans are forces of creation and destruction. Humans create things with the best intentions, things that ultimately cause destruction to our planet and the plants, animals, and other humans that live on it. Perhaps we’re going back to the whole Lost World concept: the debate between capitalism and conservation. All in all, I’m wary for this film.

But then, yesterday, this teaser poster was revealed at ComicCon:


And the little boy who was always so fascinated by dinosaurs awoke within me again, because really, this poster just looks so totally old school that I can’t help but think that this movie has the potential for being awesome.

What do you think? Are you excited for this film, or do you think it will fall flat? Comment below!