Jimmy Fallon Promotes WWoHP in Orlando (Roundup)

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (the best late-night talk show on the air right now, in my opinion) relocated this week to Universal Orlando in part to promote the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley expansion opening on July 8th. There were several Harry Potter-related segments featured on the show this week. Here are the best ones!

The Opening (the one where Higgins hilariously crashes his Firebolt)

Ollivanders (the one where Jimmy and Higgins make one too many “wand” jokes)

The HP Rap (the one where The Roots make all Wrockers everywhere nervous)

Mom and Pop Quiz (the one where kids are so ashamed of their parents’ lack of HP knowledge and is literally the best, funniest video I’ve seen in a very long time)

Pros and Cons (the one where juvenile jokes about “hog warts” and “leaky cauldrons” were made)

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