Preview: The Hobbit LEGO Game

“Well, that could have been worse.” Crash. The Goblin King falls upon the dwarves (and they still remain uncrushed). Then, a washing machine. Then, a squealing pig. Wait a moment. That doesn’t sound like the movie. Well, except for the dwarves remaining unscathed and uncrushed part. But the washing machine? What could I possibly be describing?

The Hobbit LEGO game, of course! I absolutely love the LEGO video games. They’re simple, but epic. There are fun, sarcastic elements, but also elements of seriousness and difficulty. Case in point: the washing machine falling on the Goblin King to emphasize the “that could have been worse” line. Another example: Bilbo’s hair coming off rather than his buttons, when escaping from Gollum in the caves of the Misty Mountains. Funny. Sarcastic and funny.

Like the Lord of the Rings LEGO game before it, The Hobbit LEGO game will cover three movies, and will use voices from the movie, as well as the movie music. Prior to the Lord of the Rings game, the LEGO games did not use voices. For me, this almost made the gameplay funnier—hearing Harry Potter and other characters from that series making grunting noises rather than form actual words was hilarious and whimsical to me. That doesn’t mean I like the Tolkien-based LEGO games any less than the LEGO games before them—they are different, but both just as fun.

I was incredibly excited for the upcoming The Hobbit LEGO game even before the trailer hit YouTube. But now that the trailer has hit the YouTube, well, I honestly cannot wait for its release! Check out the trailer below!

Are you as excited for this game as I am? Say so in the comments!