MythBusters 2014 Season Preview!

Fantasy is far and beyond my favorite genre. However, my favorite TV show is not rooted in fantasy. Actually, it’s not even rooted in fiction. Instead, it is rooted in science, and it is called MythBusters. I could binge-watch MythBusters, the Discovery Channel’s flagship program, for days. I have seen every episode, but I still go back and re-watch time and again.

One reason why I love MythBusters so much is that Jamie, Adam, Kari, Grant, and Tory attempt to confirm or bust movie myths, and after seeing the preview for their upcoming 2014 season, their eleventh season, I can hardly contain my excitement! Why? Because it looks like they’re going to be testing Star Wars myths!

May the force be with them as they test those myths! Watch the preview below!

MythBusters returns on Saturday, January 4th. Episodes from previous seasons will be shown during the day, but that evening at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern), their new “Revenge of the Myth” episode will air! Here are the details:

In this Star Wars special, the MythBusters test if Luke really could swing himself and Leia across a chasm with only his belt-rigged grappling hook, could an Ewok log swing crush an Imperial “Chicken Walker”, and could Luke survive in a tauntaun’s belly?

The preview also includes an iconic line from Gandalf (played by Grant). Does this mean we’ll also get some Lord of the Rings myths this season? What say you? Are you as excited as I am? Say so in the comments!