New 15th Anniversary Back Covers

In addition to the new Harry Potter “15th Anniversary Edition” front covers that have been revealed over the past few months, Scholastic, the US publishers of Harry Potter, is also in the process of revealing the back covers, also designed by illustrator Kazu Kibuishi. Each one features a memorable quote from the book and a depiction of Harry facing “away from the camera” so-to-speak. Thus far, only the first six covers have been revealed:


All seven books and the box set will hit store shelves on August 27.

I will post the Deathly Hallows cover as soon as it is also revealed.

What do you think of the back covers? I personally think that they look great! They are very clean. I prefer that they do not have synopses, but instead feature quotes from the books and scene depictions that hint at what might happen inside. Share your own thoughts in the comments.