Pottermore: A House in Hogsmeade

While Hogwarts may feel like home for so many, the first generation of Harry Potter fans are now old enough to have graduated from Hogwarts and own their own homes now. I myself just bought my first house back in October. However, I am not a wizard. I did not graduate from Hogwarts. But if I had, where would I live? Godric’s Hallow? Somewhere in the country close to the Burrow? Hogsmeade?

Now those of us who own a PlayStation 3 can buy our own (digital) House in Hogsmeade for $7. You can’t buy it in Diagon Alley. You have to visit the Pottermore Shop on the second floor of the PlayStation Home Mall. A House in Hogsmeade is a beautiful personal space, inside and out. You can’t actually venture outside, but you can see out the windows that it is perpetually snowing in Hogsmeade. Watch this video and see for yourself!

PlayStation Home advertises the House in Hogsmeade with the following lines: The only all-wizarding village in Britain, Hogsmeade is situated close to Hogwarts. The Hogwarts Express travels to and from the village’s station.

Furnish Your House in Hogsmeade

Of course, part of the fun of owning your own house is furnishing it. There are four sets of furniture that you can also purchase from the second floor of the PlayStation Home Mall, each for $8. Interestingly enough, each of the four full sets of furniture is the same furniture featured in each of the four Hogwarts House common rooms, which I think is pretty awesome.

Elegant (Slytherin) Furniture Pack. Elegant and refined furniture that adds a special touch to each room. Contains: Elegant Sofa, Elegant Dining Chair, Elegant Chaise Longue, Elegant Round Table, Elegant Rectangular Table, Large Toothed Animal Skull, Snouted Animal Skull, Occular Animal Skull, Long Animal Skull, Slender Animal Skull, Elegant Rug, Elegant Fabric Cushion, Elegant Pleated Cushion, Elegant Box.

Classical (Ravenclaw) Furniture Pack. Classical and sophisticated furniture with a timeless look. Contains: Classical Chaise Longue, Classical Two Seat Sofa, Classical Three Seat Sofa, Classical Footstool, Classical Chest of Drawers, Classical Table, Classical Dining Chair, Classical Lamp, Classical Oval Coffee Table, Classical Rectangular Coffee Table. As a proud Ravenclaw, I purchased this pack.

Homely (Hufflepuff) Furniture Pack. Homely and well-loved furniture that makes any room feel more welcoming. Contains: Homely Two Seat Sofa, Homely Three Seat Sofa, Homely Armchair, Homely Leather Armchair, Exotic Pot Plant, Potted Cactus, Spiky Potted Cactus, Red Leafed Pot Plant, Homely Pouffe, Homely Coffee Table, Homely Side Table, Homely Dresser, Homely Dining Table, Homely Dining Chair.

Comfortable (Gryffindor) Furniture Pack. Comfy and practical furniture for everyday use. Contains: Comfortable Dining Chair, Coffee Table, Chest of Drawers, Grandfather Clock, Bookcase, Comfortable Armchair, Comfortable Chair, Comfortable Two Seat Sofa, Comfortable Three Seat Sofa, Homework Table, Comfortable Round Pouffe, Comfortable Square Pouffe, Square Cushion, Rectangular Cushion.

Other furniture pieces available for purchase individually: Chairs, trunks, owl cages, desks, tables, Golden Snitch: each for $2.50; Candles, cauldrons, buckets, bellows, quills, in bottles, books, Daily Prophets, telescope, hourglass, moon globe, brass scales: each for $1.50.

There are some additional notices that go with the furniture and the House in Hogsmeade: Please be aware that only Pottermore furniture can be placed in Pottermore personal apartments and that all chat functions have been disabled. Pottermore furniture can be purchased from the Pottermore shop. Pottermore.com galleons cannot be used to make purchases.

It is also worth noting that only Pottermore clothing (the Hogswarts robes are provided for free but you can buy House robes from Madam Malkin’s or other wizarding clothes from Twilfitt and Tatting’s) can be worn when visiting the Pottermore spaces within PlayStation Home. As I said in my previous article about Pottermore at PlayStation Home, this is an extension of Pottermore, not an extension of PlayStation Home. So while some may find these spaces disappointing because of their specific rules about furniture and attire, I think the rules are appropriate.

Chat functions are probably disabled due to privacy concerns, also noted in my previous article.

What do you think about these rules? Are they too restricting? Are they appropriate for Pottermore? Share your thoughts in the comments.