“Unannounced” Harry Potter Project

Normally I only write reviews after movies or games have already been released and I have had a chance to see them or play them. I am going to break from tradition for a moment and provide some speculation.

Earlier today while writing a review about a video game, I visited James Hannigan’s website to do a bit of research. James Hannigan, if you don’t know, was the composer for the score of last four Harry Potter video games. On his credits page, there is an unusual credit: Unannounced Project – ‘Harry Potter’.

It could be that Hannigan is currently composing or has finished composing the score for either of the two recently announced video games, slated for release in a few months: WB’s Harry Potter for Kinect or Sony’s Wonderbook: Book of Spells. It could be that his website has simply not been updated to reflect either of these two recent announcements. However, it could also be that he is not the composer for either of these two upcoming video games, and he is actually currently working on a completely different still unannounced project.

If it is the latter and not the former, what game could it be? Could it be the Hogwarts MMORPG that I desperately wished for in a previous article? What do you think? Comment below about this interesting tidbit from James Hannigan’s website!